Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Count Ossie - Sam's Intro

* Photo by Jake Homiak


LoupDesSteppes said...


I want to say that i always really enjoy your postings. It is nice to discover new sounds, peoples, places.
I also like your low-profile approach, not trying or pretending.

In my opinion, a blog like yours really helps the artists.

Thank you, in my name and in the name of the artists that you helped being discovered

Spinning said...

Loupdessteppes (Steppenwolf?),

Thanks so much for your comment - especially about the way I'm presenting the music and artists (just links, etc.). My goal - and my hope is that people will hear the music and click on those links, to learn more, and to support the artists by purchasing their work.

It's always great to hear from the readers and listeners - I hope you continue to enjoy the music!

All the best,