Saturday, February 09, 2008

... y otros tangos

Adrián Iaies - El Patrón de la Vereda


"Big Al" Maghreb said...

Cool! What do you reckon that drum is in the background?

Thanks also for that tip on the Tunisian rhythms. Now can you recommend a book on tango?

Spinning said...

"Drum": I'm not sure, but I'm hearing two different things - the set player doing some things with toms, and a higher-pitched drum (for accents) that - to my ears - sounds like a quinto (smallest, highest-pitched drum used in a set of 3 congas), but I could be wrong on the latter. There are some "local" drums in Argentina and Uruguay that haven't made it to North America yet... so maybe the percussionist is using one of those? It's all guesswork on my part.

Book on tango: I wish I could, but that's not something i've investigated. There are a lot of tango sites, though, so a bit of Googling would probably turn up some good info.