Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The Barry Sisters - Oh Mama, I'm So in Love


Ari K. said...

You continue to post really awesome music that is impossible to get anywhere... but having it downloadable for less than 24 hours is ridiculous!

Please have a little mercy :D

Really love the yiddish tunes, by the way. This one also happens to be funny!

Spinning said...

Hi Ari,

actually, if you look at my Hype Machine pages, you'll find download (purchase) links for just about everything I post - this track, too!

Ir's on the compilation titled "music from the Yiddish Radio Project," on Shanachie. It's also available on Emusic.com - just do a search on "Barry Sisters."

You could also check Mozilla's Firefox "extensions" page re. download managers and stuff... ;)