Thursday, January 03, 2008

africa : brasil

Rodrigo Lessa - Calango Mindelo


"Big Al" Maghreb said...

This is great! By the way, thanks for the tip about Saudi Aramco World. Been enjoying it.

"Big Al" Maghreb said...

So you mentioned this is like a big Lusitanian fusion music. Is it like samba and semba musicians or choro and morna musicians? What was Rodrigo Lessa trying to get here do you think?

Spinning said...

Al, I don't read Portuguese well enough to be able to translate any of the interviews Rodrigo gave when this CD was released, or even the liner otes on his web site. but he did write to me about 10 days ago, and here's part of what he said:

"I'm interested into have a look on the multiple exchanges that the black diáspora( i don,t know if this word exists in english) that was consequence of the slave trade from África to América.In fact we in Brazil know that África was very important to form Brazil as a country, but after my readings and studies i found out that the oposite is also true, .there were a enormous trade of information , goods, culture, tecnologie from both sides and that hapeens also with caribean, north américa all the countries that receveid slave workers.I,,m particulary interested in the músico from portuguese áfrica at the moment and their interfaces with Brazilian music.

I stop here, if you want to hear my music you can do it in my web page."

BTW, Rodrigo plays other styles besides choro - like samba and, well - maybe you might want to download some of the clips he's posted on his site? That's where this one came from.


"Big Al" Maghreb said...

What a great project! I'll definitely check his web site out. Thanks!