Friday, October 08, 2010

rumba louisiane

Cyril Neville - That Mellow Saxophone

* Photo by Samir Jajah


Z j A k said...

Hi Miz Mystère
I didn't know this version but I cherish my Specialty Records single since decades. Original version from 1958...ROY MONTRELL and this song is for me inseparable to JIMMY CAVELLO'S HOUSE ROCKERS "The Big Beat" on Coral Records :
Muitissimo obrigado for this song of joy in a sad sad week !
Love from Jam Magica's ZjAk

Spinning in Air said...

Thanks so much, ZjAk!

I really like Cyril's version of this song; he seems to make the connections between Afro-Cuban and African popular music + New Orleans music.