Monday, July 05, 2010


Houssaine Kili - Lalla Fatima

(Listen to Hamid Zahir's original recording of this song here)

* Photo by mustapha.meskine


øשlqæda said...

thanks so much!

Spinning in Air said...

de nada, owl!

btw, have you checked out the Original Music thread on ska...?

øשlqæda said...

indeed i have! in fact, i believe that's where i acquired several of the om folders, albeit in a round about way. many of them came from acquaintances on soulseek who were merely connecting me to your ska ups, long before i found that place, the sneaky buggers. say spinning, so i jumped the gun a bit; at least one of the tracks on the 320 rip i found of akwaaba has a big nasty digital hiccup. reminds me of the days when my commute to & from work was an hour each way & i only had a handful of cassettes that were playable in my ride. eventually i was able to anticipate the skips from repeated listens, but no matter how many you times play something, they just won't go away! imagine my dismay :( hehe so you know, you have your own great thing here, but if you ever want to share full albums on my blog, i will happily send you a formal invite. if not it's no biggie, but just for now, i wonder if perhaps when you have some more spare moments someday soon, you might kindly make new rip of akwaaaba at a snobbish 320 mp3 for the benefit of myself & the greater interwebs. i promise to share it in a respectable way & grant you full credit, of course! sorry for being so solicitous but i would love to share this album without stepping on anyone's toes & the better/ higher bitrate angle is one i've been milking for all it's worth! there's no point in posting an album if it can easily be acquired elsewhere, is sort of how i see things. anyway thanks so much for reading this drivel. here is a email addy just in case you don't feel like playing tag thru blogger anymore :)
have a spinning evening