Thursday, April 15, 2010

zabumba e pife

Joyce - For Hall

* Photo by marcelinho_hora


Judaye said...

How do you find all this good music? This is not a rhetorical question.

Spinning said...

Hey there - thanks so much for stopping by!

As for the answer, it's kinda complicated. Basically, I've been listening to lots of different kinds of music since I was a kid. But it was much harder to find things in the days before broadband internet access... Still, I tried. (And worked at a number of places where I had access to many kinds of music, or - at least - could find out what was out there.)

If you check some of my links, you'll find some of my sources... A lot of the music comes from my personal collection of CDs and stuff that's legally available on (There are some not-as-legally acquired tracks here, too.)

Per this piece (by Joyce), I've been a fan of hers for 11 years now. The album this comes from - Just a Little Bit Crazy - can be found on, and probably on, too.

Judaye said...

Thanks for the info Spinning. It is great that you are here as a musical resource. I can come to your website and hear music I would never be exposed to elsewhere.

Spinning said...

Judaye, this post has some details, too

And hey, I've found out about all kinds of music I'd never have known about by just trawling around on the 'net. I think places like and MOG are great for that, as well as various music blogs. And then there are sites like TheHype Machine, that stream music from all kinds of music blogs. (I linked to this blog's front page over there, but a couple of clicks will lead you to much, much more...)

I hope this is helpful!

all the best,