Sunday, March 07, 2010

alternate jig

Carolina Chocolate Drops - Snowden's Jig (Genuine Negro Jig)

(More info. here)

* Photo by Danielle Osfalg


Judaye said...

Thank you so much for exposing me to so much good music. I appreciate what you are doing for us, the general public.

Spinning said...

Hi Judaye!

Thanks so very much for listening, and for your comment - I seldom hear from people who visit this blog, and am so glad to know that you enjoy what I post.

all the best to you,

MereAfDetSamme said...

Well, in that I case I'd better tell you: a friend just pointed my attention towards Otis Taylor and the use of his song Ten Million Slaves in the movie Public Enemy and now I am looking into said Taylor. And so I came across your blog since you have posted him twice according to The Hype Machine. I have now added Spinning In Air to my subscriptions on The Hype Machine
I look forward to some interesting music coming from you.