Sunday, September 14, 2008

il pleut

Sarah Vaughan - September in the Rain

* Photo by manganite


DragonLady said...

Sister I googled for you and finally found this blog. I have enjoyed looking at the pictures and hearing some very fine music while doing other things. I just really want you to know that I care about you.

DL your SisterFriend

Spinning said...

Thanks so much, DL! I hope you found something you like here... it's a labor of love for me.


Spinning said...

And if you'd like to just listen to music from my blog (and other blogs, too), you can do it here:

Basically, the site is like radio for blogs - or maybe is a better comparison.

DragonLady said...

Thankies Sis.

Oh and the first chance you get call Eliz Littl' Sprite. She had me put it on her avatar today. She is excited that you might be joining us.