Saturday, December 22, 2007

hot tchaikovsky

Don Byron - Bounce of the Sugar Plum Fairies (After John Kirby.)

* Photo (and recipe!) from Sweet Sins


Ari K. said...

I really love all the music you've been posting thus far, found your site via hypem a week or two ago.

Is it possible to download the mp3 files in addition to just streaming them?

Keep up the awesome posting!

Spinning said...

Hi there ari k. Thanks so much for your comment! It's deeply appreciated - am glad you're enjoying the music.

I only have downloadable MP3s up for a brief time, because I don't own the rights on any of these tracks. But if you subscribe to my blog's feed, you'll get immediate updates - and there are a few Firefox extensions that might be helpful as well. ;)


paps said...

Bounce of the Suger Plum Fairies -- great stuff! What album is that from? Byron is such an interesting player, yes?

Thanks ... paps

Spinning said...

It's from Bug Music - a tribute to early Ellington, John Kirby and Raymond Scott. (There are penguins on the cover.)


paps said...

Thank you. I'll be sure to track down a copy of Bug Music.


Spring Day said...

That's a good decision, Paps, as Byron's Bug Music contains so many wonderful tracks. The Dance of the sugar plum fairies is brilliant, but most of the other songs on this album are so too. My personal favorite is the duo of Don Byron and Uri Caine, producing "Blue Bubbles".

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