Thursday, November 22, 2007

faz o tamborim

Jorge Ben - Tim dom dom

*Photo by Agusto Amaral


pepanito said...

Wonderful music everywhere, incredible taste, amazing feeling along the way...I'am with my friend who does realspicyexp.blogspot and we are having a very nice evening and diner (foie gras, wine,...) listening to your stuff, a big thank you, we wonder where you are from with such a musical culture...keep on the good work, you have 2 reliable fans in Paris France!

Spinning said...

Hi there, and many thanks for your comment! I subscribe to your blog and realspicyexp as well - please tell juicy hello from me.

I'm from the eastern US, and am not exactly sure how I ended up with such odd taste in music. ;) Seriously - I grew up listening to my mom's jazz LPs; also R&B and soul, which were very popular at the time. All the rest came later. (One of my great passions: Brazilian music.) I am also a hand percussionist.

Thanks again for listening, and please drop by again!

Joyeux Noël/Feliz Natal/Happy Christmas (or Hanukkah, Kwaanzaa, whatever holiday you celebrate!),

Navdeep Jhaj said...
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Navdeep Jhaj said...

Ooops, I just realized I left a comment on the WRONG tune--I was listening to the Jorge Ben tune and somehow wound up at the "Faz O Tamborim" song... Sorry about that.

Navdeep Jhaj said...

Actually, as it turned out, I was commenting on the right song, so here's my comments again, re-typed:

You know, I have a bunch of Jorge's 70s stuff (everyone should own a copy of "Africa Brasil"!), but this is a absolute killer tune! Listening to this prompted me to go to i-Tunes to find his early albums, and many were listed, but unfortunately, you can't download them in the US!! What's up with that??

Have you heard of Wilson Simonal?? Funny thing, I discovered him while listening to a "Ronaldinho Nike" TV commercial! I went, "whoah, what is that tune??"

I've been very fortunate to see people like Caetano, Joyce, and also Virginia Rodrigues live in Chicago. We had tickets to see Gilberto Gill at the Symphony Center, but then he became Minister of Culture in the Lula regime and had to consequently cancel the tour.

Next to jazz, MPB/tropicallia/samba/choro/et al is my favorite music. Too bad most jazz musicians can't get past the Tom Jobim songbook...

This is an excellent site, and I'll definitely recommend it to friends. Ciao,
Nav from Chicago

Spinning said...

Hi Nav,

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your kind comments! I think you can tell that I'm a fellow Brazilian music fan, no? It's always nice to meet one more, and I do like to hear about cuts that people enjoy.

A bit about my post title: "Faz o tamborim" is a line from the song - "tim dom dom" and "tim tim tim" are onomatopeia [sp??] for the sound of the tamborim. "Faz o tamborim" refers to playing it.

Wilson Simonal: I know both his name and his face, but haven't had much of an opportunity to listen to him - he's on my list now, though!

BTW, I really enjoyed your post about Portuguese guitar over on AAJ - and many thanks for helping spread the word about this blog.