Friday, April 13, 2007

utru horas

Orchestra Baobab - Utro Horas

* Photo by Matthew Brennan


Lucky said...

this was the first introduction to the wonderful Orchestra Baobab for me - before it got re-released with extra tracks by World Circuit. i once did a huge baobab post over at Orang Aural, and OP from the SFRP-thread contributed older stuff from the 70s, which I'd never seen before - heartwarming music!

great share, spinner!

ps - i'm also glad you'd like the mártha, which is of course much more experimental and less feeling...

Spinning said...

Same here, Lucky - I have an old, much-played copy of "Pirates Choice," on World Circuit. That's one of the reasons I picked a shot of baobabs for the post - to suggest the cover shot.