Monday, January 22, 2007

salsa andalus

Maurice el Médioni - Oran Oran


chuchuni said...

I'm glad you liked Malavoi. After checking your comment, I checked your blog and "discovered" Maurice El Médioni. Found 2 cds from him, but not the one including "Salsa Andalus". Could you please tell me the title of the cd ? Thanx in advance and congratulations for your blog :-)

Spinning said...

hi chuchuni,

Thanks for stopping by, also for your kind comments.

The cut is from this album.


chuchuni said...

spinning, thanx for the info :-)

I'll try to get it !


Spinning said...


You should know about this blog, too...

rich said...

Thanks for making a really great single-track blog. This way we can all sample different types of music without having to download entire albums. And you have a real variety of stuff that one doesn't often see all over the place.