Friday, November 10, 2006

torch & twang

New Orleans singer/guitarist Snooks Eaglin was sometimes billed as "Little Ray Charles," but this track shows another, hidden side of his work - his mastery of acoustic blues.

Song: St. James Infirmary

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Anonymous said...

Hi, E.C./Spinner!
I think it's better to answer your question on a still in-print-blog as on a graveyard... ;)

E.C./Spinner wrote:
I think most people who are dedicated music bloggers have about 6 months (at most) to make their mark. After that, they stop. (Stefan from Paris is shutting down soon, BTW...)

This is an interesting thought! I'm frightened to see the truth, but MoogPower started in April this year - and now he stopped posting: nearly exactly 6 months!!!
I'm really sad, he isn't continueing - but maybe you're just right...
Why is that so?
- Are people just burning-out in half a year of posting and then are fed-up with the effort???
- Or is their 'need' of new music not there anymore, as they had the right time to 'consume' and 'share' as much as one can???

I see your point and you may be a good observer - but at least six months isn't right if it comes to herr Ärmel of the Dorfdisco Braunsfeld (and surely some others) - he's on since August 2005, but not so much anymore - and maybe he's doesn't continue so much longer... ;( (I don't want to sound picky/pricky - you're mostly right!)

Anyway... when you're right, I hope you have a wonderful time till February 2007!!!

And one last question - can you tell me how you manage your one-track-files to be played online??? Where do you upload them - do you have a personal server?
I'm very curious, you see...

Cheers, and all the best to you and your 1-file-blog!

Mr. Lucky