Friday, October 27, 2006

high class diamonds

Highlife music from Ghana - an infectious combination of jazz, Cuban and - here - Haitian influences. The song: Kae Ma, performed by the High Class Diamonds.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much e2c. I d/l this from SFRP, enjoyed it and wondered what you are doing here. Congratulations to you blog, it's purely fantastic ... bagan

squeezorang said...

Thx, e2c

Same like Bagan - when I saw this on SFRP (in the ClassicJazzWorld section) - I was happy as the sun!

Spinning - I don't know if you have it from the same source - at least you could help provide the links to the file at the forum by making a little link - besides, the Ocora thread there is unbelievable!!!


Spinning said...

Thanks, guys!

Actually, I'm using a completely different service for hosting the music here - they're all MP3, but the little players are Flash-based.

Please keep coming back for more - and if you're intersted in anything, or have questions, I would be glad to help out. Just leave a comment!